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Joey Waterschoot, Software developer

Joey Waterschoot, software developer in WPS’ R&D department in Eindhoven: “As a software developer at WPS, I have a very dynamic job, where no day is ever the same. One day I might be integrating new payment terminals, while the next day I’ll be creating an all-new product for the North American market.  Then I might be called in to solve an emergency, after a customer’s license plate recognition (LPR) cameras have started acting up. Every day is different, and it’s that variety that makes my job so much fun. But no matter how busy it gets, with each new application we develop we take time to check that the current application still meets all the needs or whether specific pieces of software need to be replaced or updated. Keeping up with the latest trend is particularly important when it comes to software.

My team is big on teamwork, as it helps us to guarantee the quality our clients expect. Our work is checked, tested, and assessed by another developer to make sure it meets the customer’s needs, before we pass it on to our external testing company.”

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