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ADAM Toren

A'DAM Tower: where creativity and mobility solutions come together for seamless customer journeys

Amsterdam, Netherlands - In the vibrant heart of Amsterdam stands the A'DAM Tower, a dynamic, creative hub with 22 floors full of activities and possibilities. One key component of this iconic location is the parking garage, equipped with robust parking solutions from WPS and various integrations from the WPS Marketplace, including Toogethr, Parkbee, and Mobian.

We spoke with Jasmin Shenbar, Facility Manager at A'DAM Tower, responsible for parking operations, to learn more about this remarkable location and the collaboration with WPS.

Interview with the customer

A unique visitor experience

The A'DAM Tower is a bustling multifunctional building where visitors can experience a range of activities. Jasmin explains, " To start, we have the parking garage, of course. Here you'll also find the nightclub 'Shelter Amsterdam.' What makes Shelter Amsterdam unique is that during the day, it transforms into a VR game park. On the ground floor, you'll find the reception, 'The Butcher' restaurant, and the entrance to 'The Lookout,' a tourist attraction on the roof. We also have hotel rooms, office spaces, co-working areas, an event space, meeting rooms, a members club with a terrace, and various restaurants and bars, including the rotating fine-dining restaurant 'Moon.' In short, there's always something happening here."

Networking opportunities for tenants

A notable aspect of the A'DAM Tower is the opportunity for tenants to easily network with each other. Jasmin emphasizes this as a valuable feature, especially for freelancers who get the chance to network and make connections.

Excellent collaboration with WPS

The collaboration between A'DAM Tower and WPS is highly efficient, particularly in terms of communication and prompt service. Jasmin mentions, "We have direct numbers for WPS technicians like René and Karim. For minor issues, we can simply send a photo, and it's quickly resolved. This approach is highly appreciated."

Jasper, WPS account manager, adds, "This direct contact is reserved for our major clients, including A'DAM Tower. It ensures that problems are resolved quickly."

Parking solutions for all visitors

Considering different types of visitors, from short-term parkers to hotel guests and subscription-based employees, A'DAM Tower utilizes a diverse parking system. This includes subscriptions, traditional ticketed system, and integrations via the WPS Marketplace.

Enhancing visitor convenience through the WPS Marketplace

Choosing to integrate with providers like Parkbee, Toogethr, and Mobian is offers convenience to visitors. Jasmin explains, "It offers ease and choice to our visitors. Some people prefer to pay via an app rather than through a website. Providing integrations gives us the opportunity to tailor the customer journey exactly to the visitor's preferences. For example, office tenants and their staff can easily reserve a parking space through the Toogethr integration."

WPS PAY: the future of payment

When asked if the latest payment method, WPS PAY, could be an option for A'DAM Tower, Jasmin responds enthusiastically: "Paying for parking via mobile without downloading an app? Absolutely, that would be great. Offering WPS PAY would be an ideal addition here. Especially when long queues form at the payment terminal or it malfunctions, visitors can always fall back on paying via WPS PAY. It seems like a win-win; the more people use WPS PAY, the less chance of a glitch with the physical payment terminal. It complements each other. I'm in favor!"

A'DAM Tower and WPS continue to evolve for visitors

The A'DAM Tower continues to evolve and innovate, and with WPS's support in parking, they continue to offer a fantastic overall experience to their visitors. The combination of convenience, efficiency, and customer focus makes this collaboration a success story for both parties.


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