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St Jansdal Hospital

St Jansdal Hospital is a general hospital located in Harderwijk. Since 2019, there has been a second branch in Lelystad and there are also three outpatient clinics in Dronten, Nijkerk and in Putten. Patients can visit St Jansdal Hospital for all kinds of basic specialisms and various treatment centres. 

WPS Parking Solutions has provided Harderwijk with a new parking management system. New hardware has been installed on the two car parks, the parking garage and the ambulance entrance and exit. An integration has also been implemented in the parking system, which makes it possible to create a smart link with underlying systems, such as Afas and Ultimo.

About the project

  • The challenge:

    It is important to the St Jansdal Hospital that patients, visitors, suppliers and staff can be received hospitably and quickly. Because the parking system was outdated and regularly malfunctioned, it was no longer possible to offer the desired level of hospitality. Of course, the replacement of the parking system was also an opportunity to make further improvements for staff and visitors (specifically short-term parkers).

  • The solution:

    We equipped Harderwijk with our modern ParkID parking management system and ParkAdvance parking equipment.

    In addition, we have integrated the staff pass with the parking management system. This integration made it possible for the hospital to link up with the underlying systems, such as Afas and Ultimo. Within the hospital, Afas is leading in the issue of parking rights to staff. These parking rights are fully adopted in the ParkID software with the staff badges. Staff will also be able to enter the license plate number in Afas, after which it will also be transferred into the ParkID software. This way, employees can easily drive in and out using license plate recognition. Besides the entry and exit terminals, the pay machines are also equipped with an employee card reader. At the pay terminal, staff can deposit a value on the staff pass, after which a reduced staff rate is deducted from the deposited value each time they drive out (prepaid cards).

    In order to offer more possibilities to short-term parkers, the Dip&Go/Tap&Go solution was introduced. This allows the parkers to drive in and out completely paperless. Visitors can now also easily convert their cards/badges to a different parking product, such as a week pass or a season ticket via the touch screen on the pay terminal.

    Furthermore, all payment terminals are equipped with a large touchscreen: 24" for the Full Service payment terminal and 12" for the cashless payment terminals.

  • The result:

    With our modern total solution, the St Jansdal Hospital is fully relieved of the burden of parking matters. With ParkID and our open and adaptive approach, the hospital is also assured of a future-proof solution; flexible and scalable to the needs of the various parking groups. 

    A very nice incidental matter: the cooperation during the entire project has been experienced as very pleasant by both parties! 


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