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Cloud-based reports through the Enterprise Reporting 

You require management information in order to successfully manage your parking facilities. WPS Parking Solutions’ Enterprise Reporting Module provides you with all the information you need to gain new insights and make management decisions. It doesn’t matter how many parking facilities you operate.

Enterprise Reporting provides you with timely access to the information you need, which you can view as often as possible in a format of your choice. The module in our ParkID software gives you full control as an owner or operator. For example, you can:

  • implement operational improvements in your system
  • maximize revenues
  • optimize customer experience


  • Cloud-based solution: Our ParkID parking management system is a solid gateway designed to share parking data with other systems and create a comprehensive solution for your building, including parking. We may even use data from third-party technologies.

  • Dashboards: The Enterprise Reporting dashboards provide real-time information, so you can view events in real time, as they happen. You can access them from your office, on your computer, or on your tablet or smartphone when you are en route.
  • Customized reports: Our software enables you to create customized reports adapted to your specific needs. You can compare and contrast the performances of individual parking garages or full portfolios and can filter information for time, date, and parking facility.
  • Scheduled reports: The Enterprise Reporting module ensures your data is available immediately, and in addition you have the option to schedule reports at any time of the day or week. The data is also available at any time with a single click of the mouse.
  • Big Data: You will find it easy to compare all the data stored. The advantage of Big Data is that you can store and collect your data (including raw/unstructured data) indefinitely and use past information to estimate future outcomes.
  • Ready for the future: You can use new algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the data in the real-time environment. This creates a new future in parking management, including dynamic prices and accurate forecasts.

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