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4411 (Be-Mobile)

Save costs, provide an enjoyable customer journey for parkers and increase revenue with 4411

4411 is a mobile application that enables drivers to pay for parking. Today, it is active in 200+ cities, and has more than 3.5 million users. Drivers can use the application not only to pay for on-street parking, but also to access 60+ off-street car parks. Do you want to connect your car park with the 4411 community? Contact Be-Mobile.

Traditional means to enter car parks and pay for the time due have their drawbacks:
- A user pays, and then receives 15 to 20 minutes of “free time” before exiting the car park
- Payment terminals, and paper tickets are costs that reduce the car park owner’s margin
- Taking a paper ticket and entering it in the vending machine / payment terminal is not an agreeable user journey
- Charges are due for cancelled sessions, again decreasing the car park owner’s margin

Benefits for operators

With 4411’s digital solution, car park owners can save costs as payment terminals and ticket dispensal machines won’t be used as frequently. Next to this, the car park owner does not have to pay for cancelled sessions, and research has shown that people using a digital solution to enter and exit car parks spend on average 8 mins longer in a garage.  

Extra features:

  • If required, bring other applications next to 4411 live in your car park to link in even more communities. E.g.: EasyPark (10 Million+ users);
  • Differentiated pricing for certain groups or at certain times can attract more drivers and generate more revenue. E.g.: office workers of a nearby company can park for a fixed price from 8AM until 6PM;
  • Ensure that permit holders with an active 4411 account do not pay twice by storing permits in 4411;
  • Enable local merchants to give vouchers to customers to reduce their parking costs.

Benefits for end users

  • End-users do not have to stop and take a ticket when entering the car park;
  • No need to maneuver close to the barrier to enter a ticket, resulting in reduced risk of damaging the car;
  • No need to queue for paying the ticket at a payment terminal;
  • If desired by car park operator, applicable tariff can be displayed towards end user;
  • Full digital experience ensures driver has a very agreeable user journey;


4411 (Be-Mobile)

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