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The power of parking data at your fingertips

You require management information in order to successfully manage your parking facilities. WPS Parking Solutions’ Enterprise Reporting Module provides you with all the information you need to gain new insights and make management decisions. It doesn’t matter how many parking facilities you operate.

Enterprise Reporting provides you with timely access to the information you need, which you can view as often as possible in a format of your choice. The module in our ParkID software gives you full control as an owner or operator. For example, you can:

  • Implement operational improvements in your system
  • Maximize revenues
  • Optimize customer experience

You can safely access data at your fingertips, either in the office from your computer or on the go from your tablet or smartphone. Our bespoke reporting software gives you complete visibility of all of your car parks on a single dashboard. It can even integrate essential data from other systems to give you the complete insight of your whole estate, helping you to make better informed decisions.


Benefits for operators

  • Dashboards: Our dashboards provide ‘live’ information, enabling you to see things as they happen; 
  • Big data: We can tell you what you need to know now or compare it to data you may already have stored;
  • Bespoke reports: Our software enables you to create bespoke reports suited to your specific needs;
  • Scheduled reports: You can access scheduled reports at a particular time, day or week, but the data is also there anytime that you need it;
  • Managed, cloud-based solution: Our system is a robust ‘gateway’ to share car park data with other systems, to create a total building intelligence solution;
  • Ready for the future: With data streamed in a live environment, new algorithms will be able to deliver dynamic pricing and accurate forecasts to create a new future in parking.


Enterprise Reporting

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